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Fitness Headbands For Active Lifestyles

August 23, 2017

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Finding The Perfect Fitness Headband


Fitness headbands are no longer thick and bulky. This new sleek design is now gaining popularity. Today's athletic headbands are now functional and can compliment your workout apparel.

The biggest benefit from wearing a fitness headband is that they help you keep your focus on your intense exercise sessions by absorbing the sweat that would run into your eyes, down your face and behind your ears.


  • Weightlifting
  • Crossfit
  • Yoga
  • Running; races, marathons, treadmill, obstacle course race
  • Hiking
  • Dance
  • Pilates
  • Sports; soccer, tennis, golf, hockey, football, volleyball




    It is important to have a headband that allows air to penetrate while wearing it so that you don't get overly hot. Fitness headbands should be made from a breathable stretch fabric which will hold your sweat while you workout. Look for a headband with polyester spandex to provide you the ability to wick moisture and it is breathable. True fitness headbands will dry more quickly when wet. Cotton headbands and bandanas will not take a long time to dry and will not absorbent.



    Using the proper headband while running, at the gym, playing sports etc. will improve the quality of your workout by reducing the frequency of wiping the sweat off of your face. A moisture wicking fabric will retain the drops of sweat, and prevent them from dripping down your face.
    If you are prone to fly away hair or have longer hair, you know how distracting it is when your hair is in your face wearing a headband again will allow you to focus on your workout and keep the hair out of your face and eyes.



    Staying motivated and sticking to your fitness routine can be challenging at times for everyone no matter if you are a newbie or a pro. Bright colorful headbands or graphic headbands can work great as fun, inspirational pick me ups.
    Graphic headbands are printed with positive motivational words on them that can push you forward and to keep on going. I also love that the graphic headbands spread the energy onto others you pass during your workout.



    Not all headbands are created equal and not all are made for fitness programs. We discussed already the type of fabric to look for but what about the design.
    Athletic headbands come in all sorts of different widths, sizes and designs.

    - ultra wide headbands; are usually a tube headband that is versatile allowing you to wear it as a headband wide, scrunched, around the neck, balaclava etc. 
    - wide headbands; provide you with more coverage to absorb sweat
    - narrow headbands; are great for anyone who just isn't sure about wearing a headband, don't sweat a lot or you get too hot

    - some headbands fit too tight causing headaches and some fit too big. The great thing about an athletic headband made from a stretch fabric (polyester spandex) is the entire headband stretches unlike headbands made with elastic in the back which will cause pressure points on your head. Headbands made entirely from an a stretch athletic fabric will form around your head, no pressure points. Headbands with elastic in the back are great for fashion only
    - tie headbands are great for anyone who has a hard time finding a headband that fits properly being too big or too small. These headbands are also great for anyone who's headband always slips off after trying multiple brands. The tie headbands are a long strip of athletic fabric that you tie in the back to the exact size you need for comfort and no slip design

    - headbands can be a double ply fabric that is sewn with a seam which are great for cooler weather or for ultra wicking of sweat since there are two layers of fabric
    - headbands can be lightweight single ply headband, some have raw edges that can roll/curl when the headband is stretched and some single ply headbands have edges that have been finished off with a cover stitch machine preventing the headband from losing it's shape. Single ply headbands are great for fitting under visors and helmets

    - no slip silicon grip is added to the back of some headbands to prevent the headband from moving. Some people love this and others have had issues with the headband grabbing and ripping their hair


    • Wicks moisture; polyester spandex
    • Size; not too tight or too loose, no headaches or slipping
    • Stays in place; look on website or packing for proper way to wear your headband to prevent slipping
    • Express yourself with bright colorful headbands in prints & solids
    • Motivate and inspire with messages (graphic headbands)
    • Comfort; no extra bulk (elastic)
    • Quality; is the headband fully sewn, no raw edges
    • Single ply or double ply fabric headband; is it for regular workouts or outdoors in colder weather

    Fitness headband quality comparison


     Wild and Free Collection has spent many hours of research and development on athletic headbands so that they could provide a headband that functions for all of your favorite workouts for both men and women. They wanted to make a fashionable athletic headband that is amazing quality and is going to withstand your toughest workout sessions time and time again. It was important for them to design a headband that is super comfy, keeps the perspiration away and offer a variety of designs so that everyone can find the perfect fitting headband without having to constantly adjust it.

    Wild & Free offer's both retail and wholesale fitness headbands that are proudly made in NORTH AMERICA. Every headband is shipped from the USA & Canada.

    W & F even offers custom headbands if you require a special size 2-3" larger or smaller if you have had issues with other brands sizing;
    If you are looking for a custom graphic headband with a business logo or words for a business function, race, marathon, charity event they have got you covered.
    Please contact them for more information on custom graphic headbands.

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