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What size are your headbands?

How do I pick what headband design to purchase?

What size are your trucker hats?

How do I figure out what size shirt to order?

Product Info

What are the headbands made of?

Where are products made?

Are headbands machine washable?

Is it safe to put headbands in the dryer?

What is the difference between all of your headband designs?

How to wear your headband so it is non slip?

What are your trucker hats made of?

What are your beanie toques made of?

What makes your headbands different?

Does the glitter graphics you use flake?

How to wash tank tops?

Are the graphics embroidered?

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How long does it take to process my order?

How much does shipping cost?

How long does shipping take?

How do I contact you?

Where are products shipped from?

Are there any duty fees on American or Canadian orders?

Do you charge taxes on orders?

What currency is your store?

What shipping options do you offer for Canadian orders?

What is shipping insurance?

What is tracked shipping?

I placed an order during your christmas shutdown when will I get it?


Do you offer returns or exchanges?

Return policy?


Do you offer wholesale?

Do you offer an affiliate program?

Can I sell Wild & Free Collection products anywhere?

Wild & Free Collection Products

Can I use your photos or product designs?

Do you offer Wild & Free Collection products on other websites?

A store online is selling the exact product you are selling at a cheaper price?